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Because why the fuck would anyone create these things ever.

My dad’s ringtone for a text msg is longer than his ringtone for an actual call.

We got my mother a basic Kindle for Christmas. She opens it up and immediately asks if she can play “Dirty Birds” on it.

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Today, the woman I’m training at work asked, while staring intently at the keyboard, “now, which one of these buttons is the space-bar again?” She is 80 years old, types about 1 word per minute, and I have just one week to get her completely trained. FML

My grandma thinks every Youtube video is a videogame. If she comes out when I’m watching one, she’ll ask me what game I’m playing, despite the fact that I’m touching neither the keyboard nor the mouse. If I play a videogame while a video plays for background noise, she thinks I’m playing two games at once somehow.

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After having a desktop PC for about 6 years, it had slowed down over time. My father would constantly complain about how slow the internet was because internet explorer would take forever to open. I explained to him that the computer was running slow, not the internet. I thought he had a grasp on it until he went out and bought a new monitor to speed things up.

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My mom thinks “hashtag” is a marajuana reference.

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My mom asked if there was a price difference between a hardback and paperback e-book. To save the time of explaining it I told her paperbacks were cheaper.

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My dad’s friend saw me playing Skyrim on my laptop and asked me what video I was watching. When I told her it was a game she insisted that it couldn’t be because it was in 3D.

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Today, I forgot to do my French homework, but since it was an online worksheet, I told my teacher my internet wasn’t working. I told her with an e-mail. FML